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Are you tired of painting the wall every year still not getting the desired look?

Are you worried about the damage to your wall due to external & internal factors like rain, sunlight, smoke, and more?

If yes, wall cladding is the solution for you. You can contact Fikkrnot for wall cladding in which we install stone, wood, vinyl, composite material, aluminum, and more that brings multiple benefits to your wall.

Benefits of Wall cladding

  • Increases mechanical strength of your building
  • Improves thermal insulation inside your place
  • Protect wall from air pollution, rains, sunlight, and more
  • Reduces water observation in the wall further increases the life span
  • Right solution for sound insulation or observation
  • Resistance to sunlight to a great extent
  • Better aesthetic to your place
  • Serves as decorative things
  • Resistant against wall cracking 

Fikkrnot specializes in supplying and installing all types of wall cladding systems for your interior and exterior walls. Irrespective of the type of the building, we reach your place and guide you in a better way to have the wall cladding system. If you agree with our services, the team come well prepared at your location to give a new look to your property

We closely coordinate with the clients and deliver outstanding quality at the lowest price in Delhi NCR.  Fikkrnot works in close coordination with contractors, designers, building architects, and the end-users for a comprehensive wall cladding system. 

We are the best wall cladding system in Delhi NCR, here is why?

  • Free site survey 
  • Technical advice on the property
  • Various types of cladding like stone, wood, and more at one place
  • Lowest estimates for cladding
  • On-site project management
  • Next-day installation 
  • Product warranty 
  • Complete customer satisfaction

Highly skilled professionals install all types of wall cladding. We handle any size of projects with next-day installation. 

You can contact Fikkrnot for all types of wall cladding systems, such as,

  1. Wood cladding
  2. Glass cladding
  3. Stone cladding
  4. Aluminum cladding
  5. Ceramic cladding
  6. External foam cladding
  7. Weatherboard cladding
  8. Stainless steel cladding
  9. Fiber cement cladding
  10. Brick cladding
  11. Vinyl cladding

Get in touch with our team and get best wall cladding system in Delhi NCR.

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