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Fikkrnot has a well-experienced people’s team trained in modern tools for cleaning. They love to work and solve the issues you’ve. We provide services to residential, commercial, industrial, and others place with perfection. 

We undertake every project with full devotion and commitment towards completing it well within time with full satisfaction. 

The professional cleaner completes the work as per the client’s requirements and consideration.  Our experts at the best cleaning service in Delhi-NCR ensure everything with perfection from using the type of cleaning material to delivering the superfine shinning to your place. 

Client satisfaction in the cleaning service is paramount, and being a client-conscious firm. 

  • Home cleaning
  • Sofa cleaning 
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Factory cleaning
  • Kitchen clean
  • Garden cleaning
  • Office cleaning

Why our cleaning service in Delhi-NCR is vital for you?

  • Professional cleaning reduces the probability of infection/disease associated with pests, dirt, and unclean things.
  • You get a personal and appealing space that gives you positivity and motivation.
  • Long-term cost saving in various forms such as better health, appreciation from guests, and more.
  • Free up the blocked space in your office, home, and other places
  • You save a lot of time, money, and effort into choosing a cheap cleaning service in Delhi-NCR, India. 

Fikkrnot- the best cleaning service in Delhi-NCR

  • Complete cleaning of tiles, shower, washbasin, mirror, WC, cabinet, and home disinfection.
  • Mopping, cleaning, and dust removal through advanced tools like a dry vacuum cleaner and other machines.
  • Cleaning of the sofa, walls, chairs mattress, carpet, curtains, door handles, and more
  • A proper dusting of electrical appliances like fridge, microwave, exhausted fans, stove, fans, and more. 

Do you feel your home, office, factory, and other place do not give good vibes? It’s possible that your space is not properly cleaned, which is giving you negativity. 

Choose Fikkrnot, the leading cleaning service in Delhi NCR, and get a world-class cleaning service at the best price. You can choose the frequency as one-time, daily, weekly, or fortnightly based on your requirements and preference.

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