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Fikkrnot is an established glazing service provider in Delhi NCR for commercial, industrial and institutional, and residential sectors. We provide trained manpower and all the materials required for glazing installation, de-installation, repairing, and more based on your requirement and preference.

We have a large database of experts who deal with ACP cladding, & ACP glazing making your existing infrastructure state of the art. 

Aluminum composite glazing (ACP) is a type of typical mental curtain wall system used to provide better security and space management. 

Our experts provide services such as:-

  • Exterior glazing or cladding
  • Interior wall and partition cover installation
  • Equipment enclosure 
  • Sunshades at the entrance points, & windows 
  • Column cover
  • Beam wraps
  • Louvers, parapets, trim and accents

We’re born out of providing excellent & trained professionals for day-to-day work like carpeting, cleaning, glazing, masonry, gardening, flooring, painting, and more. Based in New Delhi- Fikkrnot is a company that alleviates your stress in a true sense. 

Our glazing service offers excellent flatness, lightweight, paint consistency, and high-grade resistance to natural things like rain, sun, wind, etc.  The glazing observes all static/dynamic loads. 

What are the ways to get Glazing done?

Simply get in touch with our customer service team or get the quotation by yourself after putting in the required information. You always get the best price on our platform. After quotation generation, you confirm the service and within 30 minutes to 2 hours, we arrange glazing professionals in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and Noida.  We come at your place and deliver the glazing service.

With us, you remain assured about-

  1. Compliance with occupational safety and health standards
  2. 100% customer satisfaction
  3. 24 x 7 customer service
  4. Use of advanced technology and ultra-advanced tools
  5. Lowest price in the industry
  6. Fast and online glazing work completion
  7. verified, trained, and only experienced professionals
  8. All types of glazing work in one place
  9. Multiple payment methods like cash, online, wallet, card, etc. 

What are you waiting for? Call us today and get a free consultation on glazing. Let us help you in making your place beautiful, safe, and better utilized. 

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